The Canon 40D was huge dissapointment for me when I made the move to Canon from Nikon. I switched to get the 5d but I wanted a fast crop camera as well. Since this was a newer model with a modest megapixel count at 10 I expected very good noise performance and since it was also a canon I expected the look to be the same as my 5d's but this is not the case. The 40d cannot make a clean noise free image when viewed at 100% at even the lowest ISO settings. Og course if you using it below 400iso and not comparig it to a 5d it looks pretty good.

The screen is also pretty terrible. Although it is a nice 3 inch in size it is not sharp enough to tell if the image is in focus. For all the complaining about the 5d1 screen at least you can see if an image is sharp.

Good skin tones are dificult with the 40d. I was never happy with natural light images.

On the plus side it handles great and is very fast in every respect.

By it used for sports or daylight zoo shooting. This is not a sereous camera.