When I switched to canon perhaps the most pleasent surprise was the software included with the camera. Canon gives you tethered shooting and remote camera control for free. Although Nikon NX and NX2 gives you some very photoshop like selection tools you have to pay for it and then pay again for the remote shooting software. But the worst feature of the Nikon software is that you have to open each file individually to work on it and when you paste a previous recipe you have to process the files to a new folder at that time.!

If you have read my Raw Rant page you will realize that I onlly process CR2 (raw) files using DPP. This gives me perfect JPG or tiff files with the color as the camera had intended it.

Using DPP is so easy. Just select all of your images with the select all button at the top then hit the edit view button. Now you get the first image large with the thumbnails on the left and the tools on the right. If the tools are not there then go to the menu bar and hit the tools button. Now you can use the sliders on the left to make adjustments just as you would in Adobe Camera Raw (ACR) or in lightroom. Notice how good the image looks!!! This is the way it was meant to be. Raw files look better than JPGS which is the opposite of if you you were to view them in ACR or LR.


As a first step I recomend taking any image and doing a 100% optical correction and then pasting this adjustment to all the images.

Since you can't delete images when you are in the edit view learn the keyboard shortcut for checkmark #1 and then label the ones you want to delete as #1. Later you can sort by label in the folder view windo and delete all the #1 images.

Make use of the three preset WB settings that you can register using the register button in raw window.